Just had my first PET scan post treatment and results are ALL CLEAR!   Still must see surgeon every 3 months for exam for at least 2 years.   Next PET is in February 2018, so they will watch me closely, which is a good thing!   I will continue to eat healthy (veggies, fruit & little meat/no dairy), take my natural supplements, drink green tea and exercise/walk, as I'm feeling alot better now.   Would appreciate any suggestions going forward & thanks for the advice so far!

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Happy Dance...for you...
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Yay for NED!!!!!
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I'm so happy for you!
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All that sounds smart! Take it One Day At A Time. There may be setbacks but you will get there!!! We'll be here to help!
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Great news, Janice! Just keep up the good habits and good attitude and you will do well. Best of luck going forward, and keep in touch!
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Congratulations! Just keep moving forward - you'll continue getting stronger month by month. My oncologist gave me good advice when I finished treatment-she said to look back at a month before, because then you will see the progress if you can't see it day to day.
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Yay!! So happy for you!!
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So happy for you! You're doing great!
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Janice, I am SO happy for you! What wonderful news! My advice in moving forward is to embrace life, do the things that you love, spend time with the people who are special in your life, and take good care of yourself. May you always be NED!
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My advice and note this is coming from a caregiver of a wife that is not NED. Party 🎉 for a few days happy dance whatever enjoy it and than get back to doing the stuff that you said eat right exercise and most important life.
Congrats. 🍾
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Janice, so happy for you. You have certainly moved along nicely. Congratulations! It took me nearly be a year after finishing treatment to start feeling better physically and mentally. You are an inspiration.
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This is such good news. I am happy to hear it. Wishing you many more years of clean scans, until you don't need them anymore.
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Every day is a new day. Do not let an physical limitations keep you from the things you enjoy.
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thanks Laura, I do still have urgency issues some days and must stay home close to the bathroom, but hopefully that will continue to get better!
Hi Janice, Congratulations! If you are interested in continuing to learn new ways to support your health check out they help cancer survivors Thrive! They have a weekly/monthly service you can work on a particular area to improve your health. Take a peek and see what you think. All the warmest wishes for good health and happy life!
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Thank you so much Maridal, I will check out that website! Take care
I have had chronic edema for 3 years, pain, nausea and unable to eat for the last 6 mos. I took CBD/THC 1:1 ratio and after 48hrs my edema was resolved. My friend has been using CBD oil for a degenrative muscle disorder for over 15 years and I am amazed by the healing properties. I have an appetite and have read many journals supporting the healing effects of cannabis.

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Glad to hear you are doing well 👏🏻
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Wonderful News!!!
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Love to hear such good news!! Put your worries behind you and just enjoy each day.
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Eating healthy, doing Budwig (cottage cheese with flaxseed oil), flaxseed, carrot juicing, supplements, herbal teas with mushroom tinctures and exercise

Lymph nodes left side of groin

Stool changes, bloody stools

30 treatments over 6 weeks, burnt skin in pelvic area


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